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Stage of Retirement
Existing annuity review. We can review and possibly “re-energize” old annuities. Often, previously issued annuities lack the living benefits found in many of today’s annuities-indexed accumulation rates, no annuitization requirement, better tax treatments. Thanks to the Pension Protection Act of 2010, you might be able to convert taxable annuity cash values into tax free Long Term Care benefits.

Long term care planning – There’s still time to find the right plan based on your health, age, budget, long term goals, and risk tolerance. Lot’s of payment options from monthly to one lump sum. Some plans require minimal or no underwriting. 1035 Rollovers from IRAs and Annuities are a great way to convert taxable assets into tax-free long term care benefits.

Guaranteed income planning—a lifetime of payments with the guarantee that you will receive the income stream for life—even if the account value hits zero—without annuitizing—all the while having control over and access to your assets!

Guaranteed never having a negative return while allowing excess assets grow with the market. As the market grows, so do your assets. If the market goes down, your assets stay at their current level. No more down years!

Estate planning: estate taxes, wealth transfer, charitable giving. We’ll look at the most efficient ways to eliminate or reduce taxes upon transfer of assets to the next generation. We can design charitable giving such that you get tax and income benefits now—in your lifetime–assets transfer later.

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Norm Falick    Norm Falick has been a real estate broker and
founder of Camargo Realty, business owner and
founder of Prographics Printing, Series 7 Financial
Advisor at Merrill Lynch, and has been planning
retirements for over 20 years.


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